Visual Argument: Nike advertisement (Just Do It).

What is the basic argument? What is the claim, the position, or the point of view proposed in the text you are examining?

-The advertisement combines text and an image to make the basic argument: “Just do it.” The visual shows a child urinating on the side of a wall. Text is strategically placed on the wall stating: “Just do it.” Obviously, the text doesn’t just refer to this scenario. The text carries much more meaning than what is displayed in the visual, but it is used to make a specific point under the boundaries of this context.

What seems to be the purpose of this argument? Is it asking you to do something? To think about something?

– I believe the purpose of this visual argument is to inspire individuals to be spontaneous and to go after whatever they desire. In this case, the child had to use the bathroom, but couldn’t find a place to go. The text on the wall inspired him to “Just do it.” Nike wants its organization and consumers to be spontaneous individuals who rise to the occassion, and strive to achieve whatever they desire. This visual argument works to display this message to the audience.

Who is the target audience? How do you know?

The target audience is enormous; however, individuals who are familiar with the Nike organization will be more likely to understand and respond to the message. The advertisement uses a simple idea: public urination. All humans go to the bathroom; therefore, the potential audience is enormous. It would be very difficult to find someone who couldn’t relate to the basic principles of this message. But, there is a greater meaning, and the visualized text is the brand image or “text” of an entire organization. This message and the values associated with this particular organization would only be understood by those individuals who are familar with Nike and their products.

What genre of visual is it?-a poster? a cartoon? a public service ad? a commercial ad? a photograph? a billboard?

-The visual uses a type of photograph/poster advertisement approach.

Where does (or will) this argument appear?

-This argument will appear anywhere Nike feels that they can utilize this image and text. The organization uses a variety of tactics to reach their consumers. This is a comical approach to reaching their targeted audience. I’m sure it will be used in the proper context, and in an environment where it will reach the most potential consumers.

Is there anything in the image or words that surprises you, makes you laugh, makes you think differently?

-The text: “Just do it” is the brand label for the Nike organization. It doesn’t inspire any thoughts or emotions for me, but because I am familiar with the Nike product and organization I can quickly relate the text with an organization.

What visual elements help you read the argument? Is there juxtapositioning? Visual metaphors? Visual evidence?

-The text is a huge factor in understanding this image. The text directly relates to the action in the visual; therefore, the message and visual argument are fairly clear to the audience. The nike swoosh placed on the wall is concrete visual evidence for the purpose and motive of the advertisement.

What else do you know about the visual? Does it remind you of something else? Is it a common logo or symbol?

-The text affiliation with the Nike brand is a large factor in the comprehension of this visual. The Nike swoosh is a common symbol affiliated with athletic apparel and the general world of sports. Nike sponsors several team organizations and individual athletes  which makes the brand widely recognized in the athletic industry.

Are there any words? Are they used to state the main argument or to support the argument made by the visual?

-“Just do it” is the main argument of this visual, and also represents a major brand in the athletic world.

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